Ever since he started studying ne arts at the Florence School of Art, Roberto Cavalli has been a dedicated seeker of beauty. As a painter rst, then as a designer and a couturier, he has always strived for elegance and glamour. This is a world of opulence, luxury and sophistication. And each Cavalli collection is an ode to life, pleasure and extravagance, a real lesson in Epicureanism. A woman wearing Cavalli never goes unnoticed. She naturally becomes the centre of attention. S s iu n ris. In 2012, to complement the visual and tactile impact of his creations, Roberto Cavalli decided to launch a new signature perfume. Its resounding success soon led to the conception of a whole range of fragrances inspired by different facets of the couturier’s universe: Acqua, Oud edition, Nero Assoluto, Tiger Oud and Oud al Qasr.